Published On: Fri, Apr 21st, 2017

Labour party leader Corbyn assures a policy change

Pledging a significant fluctuation from the policies launched by the conservatives, the Labour party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has highlighted the need to implement certain welfare programs providing free mid-day meals for the school children, earmarking more funds to the education and health sector and ensuring the execution of minimum wages, when he has given his first public speech after British Prime Minister Theresa May declared a snap election a couple of days before. In his speech, the labour party leader has exposed the Conservative Party-led government’s inability to press the medium and large conglomerates to pay a legitimate share as tax. Rightly demonstrating the viewpoint of the leftist party, he has accused the media houses of being the voice of corporates. Notably, he has not bothered to utter a single word about the Brexit giving a feeling that his party is in favour of the move. Presently, the Liberal Democrats are the only party which stands with a strong anti-Brexit policy. Some top media houses have already predicted the victory of the Conservative Party and its leader, Ms. May. The fact that the voter base of the Labour party has been consistently growing for the last few years is giving confidence to the leftist faction. On this regard, the Labour party leader has claimed that his party has been given membership to nearly 2500 new members in the last few hours.


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Labour party leader Corbyn assures a policy change