Published On: Sat, Sep 30th, 2017

Lack of proper sleep can be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease: Study Report


It is said that around one in three people in the world is experiencing the harmfulness of sleeping disorder. We all know that the sleeplessness is a prime reason for several disease conditions like the blood pressure.

Anyway, a new story has identified that the condition of lack of sleep can also be the prime cause of some severe disease conditions.

Do you know the lack of proper sleep may lead to some severe brain diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease?

A normal human-being should sleep at least eight hours a day. The habit of sleeping more than eight hours, and vice versa, is very bad for good health.

As per the report published in an international journal, the researchers have conducted some live experiments in order to substantiate their findings with proper experimental proofs. There are some natural medicines with which we can solve the problem of improper sleep.

The health experts say that the habit of drinking a glass of warm milk or a spoon of honey will help you to achieve a good sleep.


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Lack of proper sleep can be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease: Study Report