Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2018

Leftist leader wins Mexico


Finally, that day has arrived -the day, for which all Mexicans alike have been eagerly waiting for last few years. Marking an end to all uncertainties, the candidate of the left-wing, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrator, who during the political campaign sessions assured the complete elimination of the social evils of corruption and crimes, has been granted support by the people in the Mexican presidential election.

As per a International media report, the leftist leader, who is popularly known by the nick name ‘AMLO,’ has secured at least fifty-three per cent vote share, pushing his nearest rival at least fifteen points behind.

Actually, the Mexican presidential election marked an end to one of the bloodiest political campaigns the North American country ever witnessed. At least one hundred people were killed during the election campaigns due to the violence erupted in the country as a part of the campaigns.

The new president-elect has assured that he would strongly fight corruption and crimes. Gang wars are the prime cause of violence in the country. The prime reason for the occurrence of gang wars in the country is the prevalence of deadly drug business.

If serious efforts are taken to monitor the activities of the department designated to contain the gang wars and drug trafficking of the country, the new leader can make significant gains and fulfil his assurances easily. Likewise, if a proper target is set, the problem of corruption can also be resolved.

Meanwhile, some critics have claimed that the leftist government would push the economy from bad to worst. They have warned that it would bring the kind of the economic disaster that inflicted serious injury in Venezuela to Mexico.

Certainly, the new president-elect’s hostile attitude towards the United States aggravates the worries of the section of people who believe in the western economic ideologies.

How well the leftist Mexico can handle its already crippling economy?


Vignesh. S. G

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Leftist leader wins Mexico