Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2019

Leftist Mexico demands apology from Spain for its Colonial human right abuses

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The Mexican government, for the first time, has demanded an apology from Spain for the human rights abuses they committed during its rule in the country as a colonial master.

The demand has been raised when Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leader of the pro-leftist government, has visited the ruins of an ancient city located in the country.

At this moment, it remains why the leftist Mexican leader, who was in good terms with the centre-leftist government of Spain, has suddenly put forth the demand.

The possibility for the existence of a political dimension in the demand is not very less. The demand is likely to help the Mexican leader to increase his support base in the country.

The Mexican leader has not left the Vatican also. The leader has alleged that the ancient Mexico was not only conquered with swords but also with cross.

In the Roman Catholicon dominated country, the prime rival of the leftist leader is the conservatives who are very close to the church.

It is assumed that the leader tries to increase the rift between the conservatives and the leftists with the anti-church narrative (the fake narrative connecting the Roman Catholic Church community and the conquest of the ancient Mexico by Spain through violent means.


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Leftist Mexico demands apology from Spain for its Colonial human right abuses