Published On: Tue, Feb 28th, 2017

Libya is a ‘hub of abuse’ to migrant children: UNICEF Report









Inviting the global attention to one of the most sensitive issues related to the mass migration, a UNICEF report identifies that Libya from where the migrants embark, to a risky journey through the Mediterranean Sea, for Italy is a hub of abuse to the tens of thousands of migrant children who reaches there yearly without accompanied by their parents. In the report, the UN agency observes that nearly twenty-six thousand children have crossed the Mediterranean Sea illegally in last year alone. For last few years, we have been witnessing a mass exodus due to the instability in the Asian countries like Libya, Syria and Iraq. This year also, there is no evident decrement in the rate of the mass migration happening in these regions. The unfortunate fact is that in most cases the abusers who carried out abuses like rape, torture and much more against the vulnerable children are the uniformed officials. This is the reason why either such cases have not been reported properly or those who underwent such experiences have kept them unreported. It is also identified that there is no sufficient food, water and medical facilities available in the camps constituted in the border regions to accommodate the migrants. Anyway, it is the high time to find a solution to this issue. Or else, we are going to witness a great disaster of this decade in the coming years.


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Libya is a ‘hub of abuse’ to migrant children: UNICEF Report