Published On: Thu, Jun 14th, 2018

Macedonian President refuses to agree with a deal reached by his PM with Greece over his country’s name change


Few days after Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev reached an historic deal with his Greece counterpart, Alexis Tsipras, in order to end a dispute his country has with its southern neighbour (Greece) over the resemblance his country’s name has with the name of a province located in the northern part of his neighbouring country, the Macedonian President, Gjorge Ivanov, has refused to agree with the deal citing that the deal would act against his country’s constitution in which the name of the country is clearly mentioned as the ‘Republic of Macedonia’.

In Macedonia, the president has only limited powers. His opposition can be defeated, if the ruling government manage to pass the proposed deal through the parliament more than once. At the first time, the bill, even though the bill manages to pass the parliament, the president can use his power to send it back to the lawmaking house for reconsideration. But, in the second occasion, if the bill gets the accent of the house, the president will have to sign it even if he is not happy with the bill.

The dispute about the name has blocked many golden opportunities for the former Yugoslavian region. Greece has blocked every attempt made by Macedonia since its independence for the EU and NATO membership.

As per the proposed deal, the new name of Macedonia will be the ‘Republic of North Macedonia’. Greece strongly believes that the name change would derail the possible attempt of its northern neighbour to seek claim for the identity of Macedonian culture, tradition, wealth and land.

Once Greece drops its objection, Macedonia may get the memberships it has been seeking for years.

Will the Macedonian President’s stiff reaction derail the achievements gained by the leaders and diplomats of both countries?


Vignesh. S. G

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Macedonian President refuses to agree with a deal reached by his PM with Greece over his country’s name change