Published On: Mon, May 8th, 2017

Macron defeats Le Pen; France Presidential election result gives strength to the EU

Ending all speculations and uncertainties, France has finally given their complete support to the most deserving person, Emmanuel Macron, who has emerged as a powerful alternative power in  the country with his ‘En Marche’ movement, in the presidential race, destroying the supremacy of the two powerful factions, the Socialists (the Center-Left) and the Republicans (the Center-Right), in the electoral platform.Since the year 1958 in which the new republic of France was founded, the Socialist and the Republicans have been dominating the France electoral political platform, giving no space to any other movement and thoughts.   It seems that this peculiar political structure prevailing in the country has triggered and nourished a feeling of dissatisfaction among the voters. For last few years, the far-rightists through their aggressive agendas have been tactically channelizing this dissatisfaction towards their vote bank. To an extent, they have won by gaining a remarkable per cent of the dissatisfied voters as their active supporters.Marine Le Pen has emerged as the leader of this faction. Not only she has become their presidential candidate, but also she has succeeded in eliminating the two strong parties from the final round of the France Presidential election by gaining more votes than the two established party representatives just like this centrist opponent, who has become the largest vote shareholder in the first round forcing his far-rightist opponent to settle with the second position.The triumph of the dissatisfied faction with the far-rightist has been not as strong as to mark a history.No miracles have happened in the second round. Winning nearly 66 per cent vote, the centrist, En Marche leader, Macron, has marked the victory. Over 33 per cent vote has been achieved by Le Pen.But, still, the game has not yet finished. It is not clear how many parliament seats can be grabbed by the centrist’s young party, En Marche, which do not have a single seat in the parliament at present. The far-rightist, having an established structure, can make an impact in the parliament election, which is expected to take place on 11 and 18 June, under the strong leadership of an experienced leader, Le Pen. If the far-rightists gain a good number of seats in the parliament, Macron will be forced to create a collision with other two established parties.   Meanwhile, almost all world leaders including the US President, Donald Trump, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, have congratulated the French winner.The victory of the centrist is seen as the victory of EU and the victory of the globalisation.


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Macron defeats Le Pen; France Presidential election result gives strength to the EU