Published On: Mon, Dec 3rd, 2018

Macron discusses strategies to contain protest with security personals


Few hours after the European country of France experienced the anger of protesters who were severely affected by the rise of living cost due to the rise of oil price, its president, Emanuel Macron, has convened a high level security meeting to discuss the strategies needed to be implemented to contain the protest.

So far, four hundred people have been arrested in connection with the protest. In the coming hours, more actions are likely to happen as the government is preparing to harden its stand against the protest.

During the protest, the protesters engaged in the destruction of public properties in many places. That trend even affected several precious statues preserved in the country.

The security personals were not that friendly to the protesters. There were allegations that it was the approach of the security personals towards the protesters that brought the situation to this disturbing state.

Nearly one hundred people were injured during the protest. Among them, nearly twenty-three were security personals.

Though the Macron government has ruled out the possibility for the declaration of emergency, it has not assured that it would closely monitor the way the security personals handle the situation.

It is the duty of the democratically elected government to reach out to the people to hear their grievances and find solution to them. Until and unless it is done, Macon cannot be considered as a sensible leader.



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Macron discusses strategies to contain protest with security personals