Published On: Fri, Mar 30th, 2018

Macron mediates between Syrian Kurdish fighters and Turkey


As the conflict in the northern region of Syria between the Syrian Kurdish fighters and Turkey is rampantly escalating showing no sign of de-escalation, the French President, Emanuel Macron, is meeting both sides to articulate a solution to make sure that the retreated Islamic State militants don’t utilise the opportunity to mark a comeback.

Actually, the Syrian Democratic Force has played a crucial role in eliminating the Islamic militants from the country. Notably, the YPG, the Syrian Kurdish fighters, is an inevitable part of this force nourished and trained by the United States and other Western countries.

Recently, Turkey launched a serious attack against the YPG-led region in Syria, Afrin, alleging that the YPG has links with the PKK, the Turkey-based Kurdish terrorist organisation, and offers safe-heavens in the border region of Turkey for the PKK fighters.

The YPG has denied the allegation raised by Turkey. It seems that the US and west also share same the view that the YPG has no link with the PKK.

Anyway, pushing the conflict towards its edge, the Turkish forces have given an ultimatum to the YPG asserting that if the YPG does not pay heed to Turkey’s demand, they would launch an attack in Manbij soon.

Political observers claim that if such an attack is launched in the place where the US troop is still staying offering support to the YPG, it would lead to a serious global crisis.


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Macron mediates between Syrian Kurdish fighters and Turkey