Published On: Fri, May 12th, 2017

Macron releases a well-balanced candidate list

 Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected President of France, it seems, is all set to face the parliament election scheduled to take place next month with a well-balanced candidate list. The outgoing MPs, students, unemployed people, young, old, women, political outsiders and political insiders have found place in the, so called, well-balanced candidate list. According to the report, even though there are nearly 577 parliament seats, the Macron’s young party has only declared candidates for around 428 parliament seats. It gives a feeling that the party is trying to rope in more outgoing MP of different parties including the Republican and the Socialist into the list. The French media houses have reported that there are many flaws in the candidate list. It has pointed out that some of the candidates have not been properly informed they have been shortlisted to the candidate list. It has also publicised that some candidates have past criminal records. Experts say that all these flaws indicate there has been no proper scrutiny before releasing the initial list of the candidate and the Macron election camp has given candidateship to random applicants without even checking their background details and their ability to win. Macron needs a supportive parliament in order to smoothly run his government. He might face serious challenges if he fails to do so. Macron is a pro-EU president who defeated the far-rightist candidate, Marine Le Pen, during the French presidential election. He is the member of the newly formed political movement, En Marche. His political movement-turned party is only a few months old.


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Macron releases a well-balanced candidate list