Published On: Tue, Apr 3rd, 2018

Macron’s France suffers a series of strikes


Emmanuel Macron is definitely a powerful leader. During the French presidential election, he defeated the candidates of the establishment (that is, the centre-right and centre-left) and emerged as a winner wisely exploiting the untapped potential of a newly emerged centrist spot in the Western political spectrum.

During his run-up to the presidential post, he pledged that he would bring in several serious reforms in the system.

At that time, the voters of France who were unhappy with the establishment was very enthusiastic about the pledged assurances.

But, now, it seems that the things have undergone a drastic change. It is assumed that the French citizens are now less enthusiastic about the changes.

The backlashes the newly-elected French President suffered in his proposed labour reform are the prime example of the aforementioned statement.

At present, more than seventy per cent of the country’s railway workers are observing a national wide strike. Not only the national railway transport, but also the entire railway transport offered by the country including the International railway transport has been badly affected due to the strike.

Apart from the powerful railway workers unions, the preponderance of the Air line workers unions, energy sector workers unions, rubbish collector workers unions and even students unions are either planning to call on strike or in strike.

Can the young French President overcome the crisis?



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Macron’s France suffers a series of strikes