Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2017

Macron’s reforms irritate workers


Showing strong disapproval over the French President’s attempt to rewrite the pro-worker labour laws in favour of the corporate companies, the worker’s unions of the country have organised several demonstrations across the country.

Emmanuel Macron, who confesses that he expects strong resistance, has lost his acceptance among the working class since the announcement of his first labour reform.

So far, Mr. Macron has announced two major labour reforms. Through his first reform, he has attempted to make the ‘hire and fire’ process more liberal.

The second one is little more complicated as it aims to cut nearly one lakh jobs in the public sector.

As per the report, the French authorities are planning to implement the proposed job cut within the timeframe of five years.

The instability in the country over the Macron’s policies is likely to question the leadership quality of the French leader who is eagerly trying to emerge as the global leader.

Experts say that it takes very long time to get the benefit of the labour reforms. They add that those who attempt to execute these reforms would face severe resistance and criticism.

It is said that though some political parties stood in favour of the Macron’s first labour reform, the second one failed to attain any support.


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Macron’s reforms irritate workers