Published On: Sat, Dec 1st, 2018

Madrid makes city centre inaccessible to old vehicles


In a bid to contain the pollution caused by old vehicles, the Spanish city of Madrid has decided to make its prime regions, mostly central regions, of the city inaccessible to old vehicles.

The officials of the government have opined that the move would help the city to make its city centre’s pollution free. The other important thing the authorities aim to achieve from this move is the reduction of noise pollution.

Those breaches this new regulation shall be liable to pay a huge amount as penalty. As per a report, the penalty is expected to be as high as ninety Euros.

Once the policy is completely implemented, the city centre of the city is expected to see more cycles than cars.

Madrid is not the first city to try this strategy. Globally, many cities adopt either similar or same policy to contain the threat posed by pollution.

Most environmentalists and climate specialists have welcomed the move and urged other cities to adopt similar policies to reduce pollution.

Pollution is the biggest threat the world is now facing. Climate change is one of the serious after-effects of pollution. The Paris climate treaty, which aims to contain the treat of climate change, urges the signatories to use creative policies to bring the rate of pollution to its lowest point ever.


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Madrid makes city centre inaccessible to old vehicles