Published On: Wed, Dec 7th, 2016

Malta govt says no to gay conversion therapy

Denouncing the conservative treatment method, the Malta government has banned the gay conversion therapy. The controversial therapy uses psychological treatment methods to change or cure a non-heterosexual person. This kind of therapy is mostly practiced in the United States. But, it is said that the Europeans also officially and unofficially promote these kinds of therapy. Experts believe that by promoting these kinds of treatment practices the authorities are intruding into the personal choices of a common citizen. With the presentation of a new bill seeking a ban on the controversial gay conversion therapy, Malta aims to strengthen their LGBT rights. Notably, an LGBT organisation last year ranked Malta as the best European country for LGBT rights. It is learned that the bill seeking a ban on the controversial practice is unanimously cleared by the Malta parliament. Under the new law established by Malta, those people who tries to cure, change or eliminate a person’s sexual choice will be heavily fined or even jailed. Moreover, hereafter, the authorities must not categorize the persons with no sexual orientation or gender identity under the defect category. Meanwhile, some psychologists claim that the gay conversion therapy uses pure psychological methods. They add that it would not force any person. It would enable them to take a new choice voluntarily, they further add. They announce that there is no non-ethical element involved in the treatment. Anyway, the World Psychiatric Association has denounced this treatment method calling it as an unethical and unscientific method. They observe that it is very harmful to those people who undergo this treatment.


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Malta govt says no to gay conversion therapy