Published On: Mon, Jun 5th, 2017

Malta supremo wins people’s support; verdict denounces corruption allegation













The result of the Malta snap election indicates that the Malta citizens overwhelmingly support their Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, even if the supremo’s wife has embroiled in a corruption allegation. There have been allegations that the Labour PM’s wife, Michelle, has secret off-shore accounts and a secret offshore company in Panama. The opposition, citing a blogger’s report, has alleged that Michelle’s offshore company received payment from Azerbaijan’s ruling family. Mr Muscat has denounced the allegation and called it as ‘the mother of all lies’. It is said that the corruption allegations have prompted Mr Muscat to call for a snap election a year before the end of his first term. During the labour leader’s regime, the country has achieved several remarkable signs of progress in terms of the financial stability.

Now, Malta enjoys a GDP growth rate of six per cent. Importantly, the employment rate is at its peak. It is learned that these achievements have gifted him a comfortable victory in the country of four lakh voters. Anyway, the opposition leader, Simon Busuttil, has admitted his defeat. However, in order to enjoy the top position comfortably, the Malta supremo has to get a favourable report from the judicial investigative group which investigates the allegation of the illicit money transactions. Malta is one of the fast growing regions in Europe. With a limited resource, it has grabbed a remarkable growth in the last few years. The Labour government which runs the country has genuinely succeeded in grabbing the hearts of the citizens through their progressive policies that is why even in this miserable time too they have managed to effortlessly defeat their rivals, says expert.







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Malta supremo wins people’s support; verdict denounces corruption allegation