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Kochi: Kerala is ready to set the stage for the newest edition Manappuram Miss Queen of India. This is the 7th edition of the renowned event and will be conducted at Hotel Raviz Resorts & spa, Kollam on April 26th. The event will test the skills and talents of the 16 finalists to see if they are worthy for the ultimate title of Miss Queen of India. The pageant that has been successful over the past six years will not just look at the modern aspects of a woman but also her cultural and traditional facets to test her bonding with the nation. The event directed by Ajit Ravi is also special as it is the only pathway to the international pageant of Miss Asia that does not sport a bikini round. With culture and beauty emanating from each of the pageants, they will also be crowned as the ambassador of their respective tourist destinations.

The final event of the pageant consists of three and a half hour program with three sequences and cultural extravaganzas and will be directed by Ajit Ravi Pegasus. 16 contestants  Anu Tressa from Kottayam , Reshma R K Nambiar from Kozhikode ,Nidhi Sharma from Arunachal, Akanksha  Mishra from Uttar Pradesh, Rachita Joshi from Himachal Pradesh, Riya Sadhwani from Uttar Pradesh, Sanya Manocha from New Delhi, Shabnam Ali from Karnataka, Shailja Sharma from Haryana, Sonal Mudgal from New Delhi, Sunaina Allamraju from Andrha Pradesh, Supreet Rupam from Himachal Pradesh, Sushmita from Karnataka, Varna Sampath from Karnataka, Zoya Mirza from Madhya Pradesh will grace the stage for the newest edition of the peagant.

Main Title Partner of the event Manappuram finance Ltd, the highest credit rated gold loan company in India. The company, which will is having more than 3747 branches in 28 states and union territories of India is also among the first gold loan companies in India. The Miss Queen of India pageant is conceived and executed by Pegasus, South India’s leading event Management Company.

The contest will be conducted in three rounds: Designer saree, Black cocktail, and Red gown. The grooming sessions for the event will be held in P J Princess Regency, Puthuvype from April 20th. The grooming sessions consist of yoga, meditation, personality development, catwalk, beauty tips, Photo shoot, Interaction, Talent search, which will  help the contestants to enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Grooming session are completely focused on the culture and tradition of India. The girls will be groomed by an expert panel of fashion choreographers and trainers – Fashion choreographer Arun Ratna,Aileena Catherine Amon(Miss South India 2015),Sudhakshina Thampi, Fitness trainer Vipin Xavierpersonality development trainers Jitesh &,Preeti Damiyan,Sanjay Kannan& Sunman Gowda  from NFE,New delhi and Dr .Eldho Koshy.

The title winner will be getting Rs.1 lakh and a work contract of  Rs.50,000, the first runner up with Rs.60, 000/-  and second runner up with 40,000/- will be given by Manapuram Finance. The winners will be crowned with a gold plated crown designed by Parakkat jewellers.


Mr. Ajit Ravi said; “the bikini round in which the physical beauty dominates over other aspects of beauty has been strictly excluded from the contest.” He added that this contest is the only gateway towards the Miss Asia contest organised by the same team. A certain portion of the profit gained from this program is used to run the ‘100 Life Challenge programme’ which is being carried out with the support of Rotary International 3211 and Padmavathy Medical Foundation, he further added.


Apart from the title winners, the subtitles to win are Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Beautiful Smile, Miss Beautiful Skin, Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Congeniality, Miss Personality, Miss Cat Walk, Miss Perfect 10, Miss Talent, Miss Viewer’s choice, Miss Social Media and Miss Photogenic. There would also be regional titles, Miss Queen North, Miss Queen West, Miss Queen East & Miss South to win.

The tickets to the event are strictly reserved for the invited guests. The attendees are advised to follow the dress code of the event: black or Red costume.
The event is supported by Unique Times, Z-Stone Smartphones, D-Que Watches, Kanyaka, Kalpana International, NFE, Sakunthala herbal hair tone, Rotary International 3211, Padmavathy Medical Foundation, Chungath Jewellery, Parakkat Resorts, PJ Princess Regency Kochi, Vee Kay Vee’s, UT TV channel, Shafeenaz, Aiswaria advertising.






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Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2017