Published On: Sat, Jul 1st, 2017

Marine Le Pen faces embezzlement charges

French former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who is well known for her anti-EU and anti-immigrant stand, is facing embezzlement charges. It is alleged that the far-rightist leader has misused the money allotted to her for the payment of parliamentary aides by the European Parliament. It is said that the leader has used the fund, which is supposed to be given to those aides who help her to do the parliamentary function, to pay her party members who worked for her party in France. It is learned that a case has been registered against the National Front leader and an investigation has been initiated by the French investigators. Meanwhile, Ms Le Pen has strongly denounced the allegation, calling it as a politically motivated move. Observers say that the case is not likely to reduce her support base in her country. Earlier, during the time this allegation first surfaced, she asserted that she was ready to face any investigation. It is not the first time a high-profile French politician is facing such a case. Recently, the former Prime Minister of France and the Republican’s former presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, suffered similar allegation. In that case, the allegation was that Mr Fillon paid his family members salary from the state fund for the job they had not done. It is learned that the allegation against the Republican candidate during the election actually helped the far-rightist and centrist to enter the final round of the presidential race. It is said that during the elections the anti-establishment sentiment was at its peak and one of the reasons behind this was the rising corruption among the political elites.


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Marine Le Pen faces embezzlement charges