Published On: Wed, Mar 13th, 2019

May’s Brexit deal defeated once again

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Now, the only option that is left before British Prime Minister Theresa May is to convince the UK parliamentarians to allow the extension of the final date reached for the complete withdrawal of the Kingdom from the European Union, as the parliamentarians for the second time have rejected the agreement that Ms May reached with the Union few days after they declined to approve the first withdrawal agreement reached by the same leader with the union.

The agreement presented before the House of Commons by the Prime Minister has been defeated by as many as 149 votes.

Many parliamentarians, especially those who support Ms May, have expressed their unhappiness in the outcome of the voting.

Meanwhile, the opposition, primarily the Labour Party, has demanded that the PM should step down and call a snap election.

In reality, the Prime Minister is not under the threat of a serious existential crisis at this moment. It is impossible to bring a non-confidence motion against a leader who has won the motion with a decent majority in less than six months.

Still, a no-deal Brexit will be perceived as the failure of Ms May. It may be used in future to threaten the stability of her leadership.


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May’s Brexit deal defeated once again