Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

Mein Kampf gains popularity as Nazi ideology slowly resurfaces

A year after the restriction over the controversial autobiography of Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, was withdrawn as the copyrights licence given to the Bavarian government, which imposed restrictions on reprinting the book, was expired, the sales of the anti-Semitic book increased exponentially. Within a short period of time, the new publisher of the book, Andreas Wirsching, sold nearly eighty-five thousand books. It was told that the book, which contains some critical notes of the scholars and academicians, are published in the German language. It indicates that literally the book is gaining acceptance among German speakers.

For last few years, the former Nazi stronghold, Germany, has been witnessing an increased acceptance on the Nazi ideologies. The publishers are expected to publish its next edition of the book this month itself. More importantly, they also have plans to publish the French version of the book. The Nazi ideology dossier, Mein Kampf, was initially published in 1925 before the triumph of the Nazi party led by the infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler. The book helped the Nazi party to propagate its ideologies including the anti-Semitism across the country and to gain the popularity and acceptance among the German population, which was suffering the aftereffects of a humiliating compensation agreement imposed on the ailing country after the World War One by the winners.During the Nazi regime, this autobiography was one of the most popular books in the country and was translated into numerous languages.






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Mein Kampf gains popularity as Nazi ideology slowly resurfaces