Merkel seated in German throne again


Putting an end to months-long uncertainty, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been once again seated in the German throne.

The colourful oath taking ceremony has taken place in the lower house of Bundestag. In the ceremony, the newly appointed leader has taken her oath before the Bundestag President, Wolfgang Schaeuble. The leader’s husband, Joachim Sauer, and her mother, Herlind Kasner, have attended the ceremony.

While responding to media personals, Ms Merkel has claimed that her first priority is to get back to her work as fast as possible as she has already lost several months for negotiations.

The Chancellor has lost at least six months for negotiations; her party’s first round negotiations failed; it was in the second round of negotiations the CDU and CSU block managed to reach a deal with its old partner Social Democrats.

When the strength of the deal was tested in the parliament during the parliament voting, last day, the new coalition won at least 364 votes against 315 votes.

This is the fourth time Ms Merkel has been elected to the top office of the country. Through the re-election of centre-rightist Ms Merkel is a matter of joy for the EU, the fact that in the new government the significant portfolios of foreign affairs and finance will be controlled by the centre-leftists gives some serious concerns to the Europe’s powerful multilateral organisation, which is heavily depends upon France and Germany for their existence, and which is being continuously threatened due to the rise of populist parties in Europe.

Meanwhile, back in Germany, the presence of AfD in parliament may give serious headache to the loosely-packed coalition.


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Merkel seated in German throne again