Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Merkel wins German elections


Giving no hope to any anti-establishment forces, the Germans have given their dearest leader, Angela Merkel, another chance to rule the country.

With this victory, the global leader will get the chance to enjoy her fourth term as the Chancellor of Germany.

It seems that this time the European leader will face a tough time as Ms Merkel will have to forge an uneasy coalition.

In the elections, the far-rightist group, Alternative for Germany, has grabbed an astounding success. The AfD, which is an anti-immigration party, has secured nearly thirteen per cent of the total vote share.

It is the first time, in the recent past, that a far-rightist party is winning such a huge number of seats.

Experts say that Ms Merkel’s controversial immigration policy has helped the far-rightist to create a support base and flourish rapidly.

As per the latest information, the Social Democrats, the centre-left party, is not likely to join the ruling coalition with the Christian Democrats, the centre-right party which is led by Ms Merkel.

The vote share of Ms Merkel’s party has been considerably reduced due to the emergence of the AfD.

Though the strength of Ms Merkel’s party has been reduced, it is still the single largest party in the German parliament.


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Merkel wins German elections