Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2018

MeToo campaign jolts football as a campaign-inspired victim raises rape allegation against Ronaldo


A woman, who was inspired by the ongoing MeToo campaign that encourages women to speak out fearlessly against miserable sexual abuses they have undergone in their life, has raised serious sexual abuse allegation against Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is said that the case was one settled by the victim and accused through the out-of-court mode after the accused offered a huge sum to the victim as compensation.

The issue was initially exposed by the German magazine. Then, the player claimed that he would file a legal suite against the magazine.

But, now, when the victims itself has come openly with the allegation, the accused, it seems, has been left with no other choice than defending his position aggressively using all possible ways.

The player, through a Twitter Statement, has denounced the rape allegation triggered at him. He has also welcomed all kinds of investigations.

Notably, the Las Vegas police have responded in a manner which supports the claim raised by the victim as they have admitted that they once investigated a case filed by the victim. They have also given some indirect clues that direct towards a conclusion that money may have been used to silence the victim in the case in the stage of the preliminary investigation, as they has pointed out that the victim during the first stage of investigation itself declined to give any information about the accused or the place where the incident occurred.

There are reports that Nike and other companies which have contracts with the player are closely monitoring the developments in the case.

If proved guilty, he may suffer serious consequences.

The Portuguese player has recently switched his loyalty to an emerging football club from the well-established football club based in Europe in exchange of a huge sum. Will it be easily refutable if someone suspects a politics in this development? What do you think?



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MeToo campaign jolts football as a campaign-inspired victim raises rape allegation against Ronaldo