Published On: Tue, Oct 9th, 2018

Mexican couple booked for ‘Femicide’


A Mexican couple has been arrested for killing at least twenty females and selling their body parties. Though the police have initially thought the couple have killed nearly ten people, the culprits have reportedly confessed that they have killed more than twenty women. Actually, the attitude of the culprits has even surprised the police officials. A police official has indirectly informed the media reporters that there was no sign of worry or fear in the eyes of culprits and they were confident and even fearless. One of the culprits has reportedly requested the police officer to grand him/her some time to take a shower and wear a suit, saying that he/she was not a dirty criminal. Until now, no information has been received on was there any helpers to the couple, who was buying the dead bodies and were they disposed the remaining portions of the dead bodies of the missing women which was not found among those recovered from their properties.

Femicide is very common in Mexico. It is very high in those areas in the country controlled by criminal gangs. The fact is that even police officials fear to enter in some pockets of Mexico. There are rumours there is a nexus exist between police officials and criminals that is why the criminals performs their illicit activities with impunity in many areas. An International interference is needed to decriminalise Mexico and make it a safe place to live for all, including women.


Vignesh. S. G

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Mexican couple booked for ‘Femicide’