Published On: Fri, Mar 24th, 2017

Mexican criminal gangs continuously target journalists; are journos safe in North America?

 Proving that the government authorities never pay heed to the grievances of the journos who always strive to bring out all hidden secrets which are kept out of the common public for whom all public authorities and rule and law function, the third journalist has been killed in Mexico in the short span of one month by the criminal gangs which run a parallel government with the help of a corrupted system and engage in drug sales, murders and other organised crimes. Miroslava Breach, the third victim, who recently reported on the organised crimes and drug trafficking for a national media house as well as a local media house, has suffered eight bullet injuries. A paper note -which reads: “for being a loud-mouth”- has been found from the crime spot, has described the motivation behind the brutal act beyond any doubts. An organisation, which works for the wellbeing of the journalists in the North American region, has strongly condemned the attack and criticised the government for being inactive even after the country has been witnessing similar incidents for last few years. The attack against the journos can be considered as an attack against the democratic system and the people’s right to access information. As per the report, nearly 38 journalists have been killed in the country within a short period of two decades. When we analyse similar date published in other countries, we may reach a conclusion that there is no concrete policy in most of the countries in the world to protect the journalists working in the terrible working conditions. The journos working in the dictatorial and war distorted countries are always at the risk of imprisonment and death. It is the duty of the public to pressure the government for creating a feasible global policy to protect the precious life of the journos who are working for the benefit of the society.


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Mexican criminal gangs continuously target journalists; are journos safe in North America?