Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2017

Mexico engages in illegal mass surveillance, allege journalists and lawyers






In a statement released by a group of journalists and lawyers, it is stated that the Mexican government has illegally engaged in a mass surveillance program. They, in the statement, allege that the authorities have purposefully targeted the investigative journalist and the lawyers dealing with the human right cases. Earlier, a prominent media house publicised the information regarding the mass surveillance program silently executed by the Mexican authorities. In the report published by the media house, it claimed that the forensic analysists found that some kind of surveillance was being done against those people who constantly pointed out the mistakes done by the authorities.

Anyway, the government authorities have denounced the new report as well as the statement released by the group of lawyers and journalist. It is learned that before purchasing the software, the NSO group, the Israel Company from which Mexico bought the software, and the North American country reached an agreement that the country would only use it for the security purpose. The software, which is named as Pegasus, has the capacity to infiltrate into any smartphone. The devices in which the software has been infiltrated work as a surveillance tool. All the calls, messages and other communications made through those devices are under the authorities’ monitor. The journalists and lawyers have called it as a criminal activity. Meanwhile, denouncing all allegations, the authorities claim that it has sought prior approval from the court even in such cases which demand no such action.





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Mexico engages in illegal mass surveillance, allege journalists and lawyers