Published On: Tue, Nov 27th, 2018

Migrant caravan crisis: Mexico sends violent intruders back


Over one hundred migrants, who reached with the Central American migrant caravan to enter the US, has been deported to their homeland by the Mexican government as they have tried to intrude into the territory under the control of the US government violently.

At least ten thousand of people have reached Mexico, with the migrant caravan, to enter the United States.

With the US determinant not to let the migrants enter its territory, most of them are stuck in the border Mexico shares with the world most powerful country.

The United States has recently beefed up its security presence in the region. Over fifteen thousand security personals have been deployed in the regions to assist the border security personals to handle the situation.

The migrants who have come with the caravan are very week, due to the tiring journey they have done to reach this land.

Though the US considers this as a forceful intrusion of criminals into its territory, most view this as a humanitarian issue, as there are enough evidence to believe that the majority of the migrants have fled either persecution or hunger in their homeland.

Many human rights activists think it is unfair to deport these migrants back to the land where only either hunger or persecution is waiting for them.

It is high time for the International community to address the issue of migration. It is important to remember that these, so called, developed countries, especially the US, are one way or the other responsible for the pathetic situations from which the migrants try to escape.



Vignesh. S. G

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Migrant caravan crisis: Mexico sends violent intruders back