Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

Migrant issue likely to be Top Subject in EU Summit


The issue of the migration from Asia and Africa to the Europe is a serious issue to the majority of the European countries which enjoy the membership of the European Union.

In Today’s European Union summit, the issue of migration from the war-disturbed countries of Asia and Africa is likely to be considered as a top subject, as in the recent past several heated arguments took place between the member countries of the EU over this issue after Italy had resisted violently the pressure exerted over them to accept a migrant ship rescued from the Mediterranean Sea.

Several EU countries have dispute over the union’s migrant policies. The prime policy over which the dispute has been expressed is: the European Union’s directive that the migrants must seek asylum in the first European Union country it steps into and they should not move to any other country from that country until their asylum requests are processed. The aforesaid rule has created serious difficulties in Italy and Greece –the two popular entry points commonly preferred by the migrants travelling to Europe in search of peaceful lives.

At this moment, it is not clear how the debates over the issue will end up in the EU Summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is the dedicated advocate of the pro-migrant faction, is less likely to rise any serious objections to any tough migrant policy if such a policy is requested, as she is suffering a serious opposition in her home country from her own party’s closest ally over her pro-migrant policies.

What will be the future of migrants? It is to be noted that the migration from Asia and Africa to Europe has considerably decreased in the recent past compared to what it was during the year 2015 (when it was at its peak). Is it right to consider the migration as a top priority subject in the EU Summit when the world at the moment is at the edge of a tough trade war between the Europe and US, given the aforementioned fact?


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Migrant issue likely to be Top Subject in EU Summit