Published On: Mon, Nov 12th, 2018

Minor conflicts erupt in Gaza between Israel and Hamas


A commander of the Militant group Hamas which control most of the regions of Gaza for Palestine has been killed by a group of Israel soldiers allegedly intruding into the territory of the Muslim country.

In retaliation to the attack, several missiles have been fired at the territories of Israel close to the Gaza region.

The militant group Hamas has mocked it as a cowardly attack. It has claimed that the Israel soldiers have intruded into its territory.

The new developments may affect the ongoing peace-building process between Israel and Palestine mediated by Egypt.

The Israel PM, who has been in Paris at the time the clashes have occurred, is expected to reach country very soon.

This is the worst conflict the region has witnessed in the recent history. Some Arab nations may come strongly against the Israel’s provocative move.

Meanwhile, Israel has denied all allegations that it has intruded into the territory of Palestine. It may most probably argue that the attack has been carried out to secure the sovereignty and security of the Jewish state.

All efforts aimed at derailing the peace of the region should be eliminated. Still, it is not too late to bring out a solution to the issue of the decades-old conflict between Palestine and Israel.



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Minor conflicts erupt in Gaza between Israel and Hamas