Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Moldova enters into an ‘Information War’ between Pro-Russians and Pro-EUs


The new developments in Moldova indicate that the country have either accidentally or knowingly entered into a bitter ‘Information War’ between pro-Russians and pro-EUs.

Pro-Russian Moldovan Supremo Igor Dodon’s decision to veto a bill, seeking stiff restrictions over the Russian news programs propagating the pro-Russian agendas in the country, supported by the pro-EU parliament and the ruling government including Prime Minister Pavel Filip, has been the latest incident in relation with the aforementioned information war, which have been disturbing the country for last few years.

Anyway, the decision has landed the president in a serious trouble. For using his power to veto the bill which has been heavily backed by the ruling government and parliament, the country’s court has suspended the president.

The president claims that the bill would affect the Freedom of Speech and Information offered by the country, while the ruling government and parliament believe that the bill would help to contain the propaganda propagated through the media by the Russians.

It is not the first time the president has been suspended by the court. It is the third time the court has taken such a severe action against this president.

At first, he faced suspension for refusing to appoint a defence minister the government suggested. Later, he was suspended for refusing to appoint some members nominated into the cabinet by the government.


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Moldova enters into an ‘Information War’ between Pro-Russians and Pro-EUs