Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2019

Mourning business flourishes in DR Congo

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Can your make a living from your tears? In a normal situation, it is impossible. But, there is a saying ‘if you are brilliant, you can make money even from your hair’. That is what a Congo-based businessman proves as right. What this businessman manages to find out is a market to ‘tears’ –something most of us waste almost daily. Yes! What you hear is true.

Gilbert Kubali, a businessman based in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has developed a company which offers morning services.

His business model is probably one of the most successful models launched in the country in the recent past. Now, his company’s staffs are inevitable elements in the funerals organised in the region.

It is true that the concept of professional mourning is not the one he has invented. It has been in the market for long, mostly unnoticed and unexplored. Why he is different because he has executed the wage concept in a region which is not popular for a sound business environment.

In his part of the county, mourning is an important part of funeral function. In the recent times, a steep decline in this practice has been identified. Probably, it is the decline in this practice that may have gifted him this idea.

Anyway, the company now has several professional mourning staffs. The company is also planning to bring in more experienced mourning staffs to increase the efficiency of its staffs. It is expanding, gifting confidence to Congo business aspirants to look for out of box ideas or concepts or business models.


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Mourning business flourishes in DR Congo