Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Myanmar installing military installations in Rakhine: Amnesty International


Clearly indicating that Myanmar’s humanitarian offer to accept the Rohingya refugees, who fled violence in the Rakhine state and sought asylum in Bangladesh, is a tactical approach to make sure than the country does not face the ire of the International community which is very particular that no kinds of human rights violations are entertained in any country, the Asian country is installing military installations across the disputed state, where the Burmese soldiers allegedly executed a ‘Rohingya Hunt’.

The report regarding the unacceptable program of installing heavy military installations in the disputed land has been initially publicised by the Amnesty International, the global human rights organisation which often employs as a watchdog of human rights in the war-distorted regions. The organisation has used satellite images and several other documents to justify their report.

If the report is trustworthy, those Rohingya Muslims who have accepted the offer of the Myanmar government may be returning to a ghetto-like land surrounded by the military.

In light of these revelations, the International communities must make sure that the repatriated Rohingya Muslims get all necessary opportunities to lead a dignified life in their homeland.

Experts say that the report publicised by the Amnesty International should be presented before prestigious multilateral organisations. They add that trustworthy investigative organisations must investigate the authenticity of the findings described in the report. They further add that if the report is found authentic the west and the powerful multilateral organisations including the UN must put pressure on Myanmar to make it withdraw their aggressive militarisation of the disputed land.


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Myanmar installing military installations in Rakhine: Amnesty International