Nadal gains his sixteenth grand slam title














Defeating Kevin Anderson in the US Open men’s singles finals, Rafael Nadal has achieved his sixteenth grand slam title.

Mr Anderson has been incapable to give his opponent a tough competition. Mr Nadal has defeated Mr Anderson in straight sets. The scores (6-3, 6-3, and 6-4) indicate that in all three sets, the world number one tennis player has clearly dominated over his opponent, who is the world number fifteen tennis player.

If the aggressive player continues to move forward at this pace, he will rewrite the record of Roger Federer, the tennis player who holds the highest number of grand slam titles- Mr Federer possesses nearly nineteen grand slam titles.

When Mr Anderson has excelled in the serves in the crucial match, Mr Nadal has, as usual, used his forehand and backhand extensively in shattering all efforts made by his opponent to change the course of the match.

The experts say that the victory of Mr Nadal has been predictable as Mr Anderson has not shown any sign that he is better than the world champion at any point of the match.


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Nadal gains his sixteenth grand slam title