Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

Natural disaster leaves millions thirsty for drinking water in Chile


In one of the heart breaking incident related to the natural disaster which has inflicted huge injury on a Latin American country recently, millions of people of Chile are left thirsty for drinking water by the contamination of water due to the rainstorms and landslide. The reason that led to the drinking water scarcity is the condemnation of the Maipo River from which the authorities used to draw water for supplying to the people.

The natural disaster has not only contaminated the river but also left thousands of people stranded in the remote location as the disaster has badly affected the transportation network across the country. At this moment, the authorities cannot clearly answer when can they re-establish the drinking water supply network properly. As per the report, the authorities have initiated all the possible measures to check the situation from going into a disaster. It has established emergency water collections stations across the affected regions in order to enable the people access to certain quantity of fresh water. In an effort to stop people from making unnecessary purchase of water and to stop the shops from piling up the water cans, the authorities have directed the closure of the restaurants and shops which are selling bottled or canned water. Moreover, the educational institutions have been advised not to resume their academic activates until they hear from the authorities a directive asking them to do so. So far, nearly four people have been reportedly killed in the disaster; the actual figure has not been publicised yet.






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Natural disaster leaves millions thirsty for drinking water in Chile