Published On: Mon, Nov 6th, 2017

Nearly 26 people killed in Texas shooting


The United State, in the recent past, has witnessed several horrific gunman attacks, questioning the country’s controversial gun laws, which allows its citizens to acquire, use and store any disastrous gun available in the country’s gun market.

These attacks create a feeling among the population who strive to achieve a peaceful living condition that the US leaders (both Republic and Democratic leaders) cannot forget the huge donation offered by the gun companies during the elections.

Nearly 26 people have again become the victims of the US leaders’ inability to create a feasible gun law.

The latest report has revealed that the cruel shooter has not even spared a pregnant woman.

The latest attack has taken place a small Baptist church in a less populated town in Texas.

An unacknowledged report has claimed that at least ten per cent of the total population in the town have been either killed or injured in the church attack.

At this moment, it is not clear how many people have been injured in the brutal attack occurred in the small town.

The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has expressed condolence. The police sources have not shared the identity of the killer, who has killed himself immediately after the attack. An investigation is on.


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Nearly 26 people killed in Texas shooting