Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Nearly 400 killed in mudslide in Sierra Leone

Nearly four hundred people have been killed and over six hundred people are missing in a disastrous mudslide in the African country of Sierra Leone. In the coming days, the situation may get even worse given the fact that it is just the beginning of the rainy season. The flood and mudslide are usual scenes in this African nation every year- particularly in the month of August and September. This is the first time that the situation has gone out of control. The lack of adequate disaster management facilities, medical facilities and other necessary facilities keeps the country in the state of helplessness. Considering the fact that the country is vulnerable to similar disasters throughout the rainy season, the country’s authorities have advised the people to relocate to the safer zones. While speaking to one of the leading International media houses, an official source has asserted that the local people are helping the rescue operators and government to bring the situation under control. It has requested more International aid as it lacks resources to help the ailing people who were affected by the mudslide which happened during the early hours of the day when most of the people were still on their bed. It has added that it has been informed about the possibility of a cholera outbreak so it is trying their best to make sure that all are getting clean drinking water. There is an urgent need of International support in the country or else in the near future, the situation may go out of control.


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Nearly 400 killed in mudslide in Sierra Leone