Published On: Thu, Oct 19th, 2017

Nearly 43 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban terror attack


At least forty-three Afghan soldiers have been killed in the Taliban terror attack in the Southern Afghanistan region.

The attack has been one of the cruellest terror attacks among the three major terror attacks which have occurred in the Afghan military installations this week.

Shortly after the attack, the Taliban militants have claimed the responsibility of the attack and asserted that nearly sixty people have been killed in the attack.

As per the report, the military installation where the attack has occurred is under the control of the Afghan National Army.

It is said that the Afghan government have sent an expert team to the location to access the impact of the ambush.

As per the preliminary report, the militant ambush has been a suicidal model attack. At this moment, it is not clear how many militants have participated in the attack.

The government sources, who have knowledge about the developments, have said that nearly ten militants have been killed in the attack.

Afghanistan has been witnessing cruel terror attacks since the rise of the Islamic militant group called the Taliban.

These militants who ruthlessly rule a part of the country often carry out terror attacks against the Afghan military installations.

Several civilians, policemen, politicians and soldiers have been killed in the merciless attacks carried out by the militants in the country.


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Nearly 43 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban terror attack