Published On: Fri, Aug 11th, 2017

Nepal to empower women with the help of new laws

In order to empower the women by letting them know that the authorities do care about them and they are safe under the hands of the concerned authorities, the Nepali government have passed a historical bill offering strong laws to protect the women from acid attacks, dowry issues and some irrelevant social practices related to the menstruation cycle. The number of cases related to the acid attacks has alarmingly been increasing for the last few years. As per the report, the law aims to contain the unprecedented increase in the number of cases reported related to the acid attack. It is learned that the law also tries to eliminate the social evils such as the practice of paying ‘dowry’ and the condemnable social practices of exiling those women who are menstruating. The fact is the unpleasant act of exiling the women who are menstruating was outlawed by the Nepal government nearly ten years ago; but, there were no penalties for those who force the women to do so that is why it continued to exist in some Hindu families. It is very unfortunate that still in this twenty-first century many Nepali Hindu families living in the western hill region are sending their women to live in shabby, insecure, huts and even cow sheds for no logical reason. It is the high time to eliminate the irrational social practices and to treat the menstruation cycle as a biological process, not as a religious issue. It is said that the Nepali government could not eliminate these social issues simply by implementing the law proposing strict punishment. It is advised that the authorities should launch awareness programs across the country, particularly in the region where these social evils are still being practised.


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Nepal to empower women with the help of new laws