Published On: Fri, Jun 29th, 2018

Netherlands’ capital city gets its first female Mayor


It is a proud day for Amsterdam- the capital city of the Netherlands. Unlike other cities in the country, the capital city was less friendly to woman leaders until last day. What has happened today is a game changer. Surprisingly, the city council of Amsterdam Today has nominated a female politician for the powerful post of mayor. Femke Halsema is that lucky woman who has been awarded the opportunity to destroy the decades old male dominance of the capital city of the Netherlands.

Actually, the decision to appoint a woman in the post of mayor is not a surprise decision. For last few months, the women groups in the city have been aggressively campaigning against the way in which the women are neglected by the political leaders when the discussion for filling prominent posts happens. The announcement of the left dominant council to nominate a female veteran leftist leader for the post of mayor has come days after the city witnessed one of the biggest rallies propagating the need to implement the concept of gender-justice in all walks of life including politics and workspaces.

The proposal put forth by the council needs the accent of the Netherlands government and King. But, it would not be a tough job, as it is just a procedure; in a normal circumstance, neither the government nor the King reject the proposal suggested by the city council.

If all go will, the 52 year old left-wing Green Party leader will become the First Women Mayor of Amsterdam in the near future.

Don’t you think that women must be given more space in politics?


Vignesh. S. G

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Netherlands’ capital city gets its first female Mayor