Published On: Sat, Dec 10th, 2016

Netherland’s Freedom Party leader convicted of hate speech

The Netherland’s Freedom Party leader and renowned anti-Islamist, Geert Wilders, was convicted of hate speech by a three-member court. Notably, the court did not give him any penalty as it observed that the conviction itself was a good punishment to the right wing political leader in this case. The event that led to the case had occurred during a municipal election campaign. At the campaign, Wilders reportedly asked his followers whether they wanted fewer Moroccans in their city or more Moroccans. In a reply to his question, his followers told him they only wanted fewer Moroccans. It was alleged that with a smiling face, he assured his followers during that campaign he would take care of that. Followed by that, the police forces received more than six thousand complaints about the provocative statement made during that campaign. In the court, Wilders argued that the country’s constitution assures him the freedom of speech. But, rejecting the argument, the court held that this right assured by the constitution must not be used to hurt the freedom of others. Through his twitter handle, Wilder accused the judicial system and the bench of convicting half of the Netherlands by giving such a verdict. Anyway, Wilders’ Freedom Party used this opportunity to propagate and reaffirm anti-Islamic and rightist ideologies. It seems that the Liberal Party is losing ground in the country as the Freedom Party is slowly gaining momentum in the region.


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Netherland’s Freedom Party leader convicted of hate speech