Published On: Fri, Oct 19th, 2018

Netherlands introduces gender-neutral passport


The European country of Netherlands has introduced its first gender-neutral passport, recognising the existence of a third gender other than the two normal genders of ‘male’ and ‘female’.

The new passport has been issued after Leonne Zeegers appealed before the court against the difficulty that person faced due to the unavailability of such a passport.

The newly introduced passport marks the third gender with the symbol ‘X’. Meanwhile, there will not be any change in the symbols that represent the other two normal genders –the male is represented with the symbol ‘M’ and women is marked with the symbol ‘V’.

A gender activist opines that all other European countries which possess a progressive way of thinking should follow the step initiated by the Netherlands.

Several gender activists have welcomed the victory gained by Zeegers with the help of the Netherlands’ judicial system.

The Netherlands is one of the very few countries which persistently support the right of third gender.

With the new approach, the country is trying to prove that it is committed in opening up its mind to accept all thoughts, even if it may sounds odd to some.



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Netherlands introduces gender-neutral passport