Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2019

New Zealand bans semi-automatic firearms

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Few days after an Australian white supremacist brutally killed at least fifty devotees (gathered to take part in the prayer sessions in two mosques situated in Christchurch in New Zealand) with a modified semi-automatic firearm, the New Zealand government has banned the sale of semi-automatic firearms in the country.

The country’s new policy on fire arms has been publicised by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern herself. She has claimed that she has the support of entire New Zealand and the announcement has been made on behalf of New Zealanders.

As per a latest report, a buy-back scheme will also be implemented as a part of the new firearms policy. With the help of the scheme, all military firearms with New Zealanders will be brought back.

Many have welcomed the policy adopted by the New Zealand government. Notably, even the most powerful farmers association of the country has also welcomed the decision taken by the government.

Australia similarly banned the usage and procession of military firearms in the year 1996. It was also in reaction to a disastrous military firearms attack.

The US is the biggest victim of ‘shooting attack culture’. In the recent past alone, dozens have died owning to that culture. It is hoped that the New Zealand’s new stand will encourage the US to adopt similar stand.


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New Zealand bans semi-automatic firearms