Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2018

Nicaraguan police killed a journalist, allege protesters


The Nicaraguan protesters, who have been protesting for last few days across the Latin American country against the social security reforms introduced by President Daniel Ortega to overcome a huge deficit suffered by the social security institute, have indirectly alleged that the country’s police, who have used all means to contain the violence protests performed by the protesters, have either accidentally or purposefully killed a journalist, named Miguel Angel Gahona.

In the preliminary investigation, the cause of the death has been identified as sniper gun shot. It has been informed that no one, other than the police force and riot police force, has used these kinds of weapons during the protests in the country.

Though the police have confirmed that the journalist has been killed during the protests, they have not showed any interest to respond to the allegation triggered against them by the protesters.

An International news agency has reported that It has been when the journalist has tried to cover a violent confrontation between the riot police and the protesters he has suffered a fatal gunshot.

So far, as many as eleven people have been killed in the violence emerged as part of the protests mostly supported by youngsters and college students.

It is the high time to implement the longstanding demand of the majority of International journalist organisations ‘a strong and accountable mechanism to ensure the protection of journalists working in the risky regions and on the challenging assignments’.



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Nicaraguan police killed a journalist, allege protesters