Published On: Wed, Jul 25th, 2018

Nicaraguan Prez refuses to step down


The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, has blocked all kinds of pressures exerted over his presidency demanding his resignation, saying that his government had no role in the occurrence of violence during the anti-government protest.

As per a latest report, as many as three hundred people have been killed during the anti-government protest, which has been jolting the country for last few months.

The Nicaraguan President, while speaking to an International media house, has said that it was the paramilitary forces affiliated to his opposition which had perpetrated the killings during the anti-government protest.

Interestingly, he has presented no evidence before the International media to justify his argument. Several human rights activists have dismissed the statement delivered by the Nicaraguan supremo as ‘baseless’.

Notably, some International human rights organisations have discovered that it was the government forces that perpetrated violence during the anti-government protest.

It is high to launch a trustworthy investigation into the issues. Some have already demanded the investigation of an International agency in the issue.

Meanwhile, the president’s statement that he would not call an early election in the country indicate that Mr Ortega tries to stick on to the power as long as he can in order to avoid the possibility of the occurrence of an International interference in the issue.


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Nicaraguan Prez refuses to step down