Published On: Wed, May 2nd, 2018

Nigeria says ‘No’ to syrups containing codeine


Hours after an investigation made by an International media house unearthed the disturbing facts regarding the dangerous use of syrups containing codeine by Nigerians, the African country’s government has banned the use of syrups containing codeine.

The media outlet’s investigations, which it has done in association with several other media and social organisations operating in the country, has revealed that the youngsters of Nigeria was using the syrups filled with codeine to get high.

As per the investigators’ opinion, most of these syrups reach the hands of users through the illegal drug market prevailing in the country.

The Nigerian first lady, Aisha Buhari, has expressed concerns about the news publicised by the international media and invited the support of all people of the country to fight this disaster.

Codeine, the highly addictive chemical, causes serious health issues to those who use this chemical regularly.

The Nigerian youngsters, who regularly use these syrups, see this as a cheapest and easily accessible sedative available in their market.

While interviewing several pharmaceutical companies who are handling this drug in the country, they boasted to the interviewers that the demand of the syrup in the underground markets was going day by day.

The authorities have asserted that it would take adequate measures to overcome this disaster.


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Nigeria says ‘No’ to syrups containing codeine