Published On: Tue, Jul 31st, 2018

NK defies its agreement with the US, indicates Washington Post report


A news article published in the Washington Post news paper indicates that the North Korean regime, which recently signed an agreement assuring its commitment to the denuclearisation process in exchange of the gradual global economic integration with the support of the west, has defied the agreement it inked in a high level meeting held between US President Donald Trump and his NK counterpart Kim Jong-un at Singapore, by secretly continuing its ballistic missile building and nuclear capacity generation activities.

The newspaper has not publicised the name of the source who shared the information with their journalist. But, it is clear from the report that the source is someone who has deep knowledge about the development, most probably someone within the White House Foreign Affairs department.

Earlier, the US President faced stiff criticism back in his home country after the US-NK summit for taking a lenient attitude in the meeting with the North Korean dictator, who tactically evaded any discussion about the communist regime’s assurances in the session, and for offering some big concessions to the iron curtain country in return of almost nothing concrete.

At this moment, it is not clear whether the US and NK relations ditch the progresses they reached with the hard work of both sides.


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NK defies its agreement with the US, indicates Washington Post report