Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

NK dictator’s brother assassinated









In what could be considered as the latest case of high profile assassinations allegedly carried out by the North Korean spy agency, NK dictator Kim Jong-un’s brother Kim Jong-nam has been murdered at an airport in Malaysia. He was once considered by many as the possible successor of Kim Jong-il. But, after the death of the former dictator, the present dictator succeeded him by overcoming the potential obstacle of Jong-nam. It is said that Jong-un’s dictatorial regime never tolerates any political obstacles even if it is his close relatives. It is suspected that he murdered his uncle Chang Song-thaek brutally as he was informed that he would be a poetical danger to his regime. Jong-nam earlier strongly criticised his brother’s regime and expressed suspicion about his brother’s ability to lead the government. It is believed that he was protected by the Chinese government as there were strong threats to his life from the NK regime. As per the unacknowledged media report, two woman NK spies injected or sprayed some kind of poison in the Jong-nam body while he was waiting at the airport for boarding a budget flight.    Anyway, if it is true that the NK’s spies have committed this cold blooded murder, then there is no surprise as it is not the first time the North Korean dictatorial regime used spies to commit high-profile murders. However, at this moment, the actual motivation behind the murder is not publicised. The South Korean government who are closely watching the NK’s political developments has strongly condemned the brutal action; and more importantly they are the first official authority who has confirmed that the dead NK national in the Malaysian airport is the NK dictator’s brother as the Malaysian official has failed to identify him due to the fake name in the passport carried by Jong-nam.


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NK dictator’s brother assassinated