Published On: Sat, Jul 29th, 2017

NK retorts US’ sanction in harsh way

As a harsh warning to the United States, which cleared a bill seeking to impose a strict sanction on the North Korean regime last day, Pyongyang has successfully launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile, indicating that Washington now stands under their striking range. It is not the first time the North Korean authorities have provocatively conducted the ballistic missile test. For the last few years, the country has been consistently increasing their ballistic missile’s range and capacity. Unexpectedly, this time, even the Chinese government, the one and only ally of North Korea, has condemned the test. Meanwhile, noteworthy, the communist country has also advised the western powers to refrain from taking any action. It is clear that the Chinese government, which has been nourishing the North Korean dictator for the last few years, has now transformed into a power broker between the west and the iron curtain country. Though protesting the NK regime is making the Chinese government an enemy of the West, the communist country, at this juncture, has no other way. If Beijing withdraws its support, the power of the Korean peninsula might eventually go to the hands of the west. Political observers claim that there is no solution to this issue until and unless the leaders decide to explore the potential of the soft power diplomacy. It is to be noted that the instability in the east will likely to affect the China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative adversely.


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NK retorts US’ sanction in harsh way