Published On: Mon, Feb 5th, 2018

NK top leader set to visit SK


In an effort to gift a greater momentum to the attempts to reinstate the friendly relation between North Korea and South Korea, a senior North Korean leader, Kim Yong-nam, is set to visit his neighbouring country against which his country is fighting a war at the moment to gain supremacy in the Korean peninsula.

Earlier, there were reports that both North Korea and South Korea would march under the Korean flag in the Winter Olympics which is going to take place in a city located in SK within couple of days.

As per the latest report, the top leader of NK will also attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

It has been confirmed that at least twenty-two North Koreans would accompany him to the South.

This is the first time in the recent history that such a high level delegation visit has been announced by the North Korea.

For last few months, the North and South have been consistently reducing the distance between them which was formed due to the state of war.

If the attempts continue to move consistently in this momentum, the Koreans can overcome all barriers which separate them mentally and physically in few years.

Anyway, the West has opined that the radical change in way the Koreans communicate with each other is not likely to stop the North from behaving irresponsibly.


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NK top leader set to visit SK