Published On: Thu, Jan 3rd, 2019

NK’s diplomat to Italy seeks political asylum in west


The North Korean diplomat to Italy, who is the son or son-in-law of a senior NK officials, and who is said to be the member of one of the most influential families of the iron curtain country, has sought political asylum in the west.

At this moment, it remains unclear in which country the diplomat has sought political asylum. The reason for the move is also unknown at this juncture.

The defection of top officials is not unusual in North Korea; a couple of months before, the North Korean deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom defected.

The NK is a dictatorial country. It is not tolerant towards any dissent. If it feels that any dissent has emerged, it will suppress it mercilessly.

There is no doubt that many, including those close to the NK leadership, are unhappy with the way the NK regime rules the country.

The NK officials work outside the country is often not allowed to take their family with them due to the fear of defection.

Surprisingly, this diplomat, who has sought asylum in the west now, has got the unusual privilege to take their family, including his wife and children, along with him. There are only two possibilities for that luxury: either he is that much close to the leadership or he is that much brilliant.

Why many NKs feel their country is not a good place to spend their lifetime?


Vignesh. S. G

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NK’s diplomat to Italy seeks political asylum in west