Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

No ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, but there are problems: Suu Kyi

In an exclusive interview given to the International media, Myanmar de-facto leader and Noble Price laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has admitted that there are some problems in Rakhine state, but she has refused to acknowledge it as ethnic cleansing. This is the first time that an internationally reputed politician of Myanmar has seriously commented on the Rohingya Muslim issue. Earlier, there were allegations that the Myanmar politicians especially those holding an international recognition were purposefully evading the questions regarding the ethnic cleansing allegation. The country which has recently embraced the democratic status is still under the clutches of the rough military system which has been ruthlessly ruling the country for years. The Rohingya Muslims who fled the country have raised serious allegations including rape, violence and murders against the security forces which have been allegedly engaged in the task of ethnic cleansing in the name of clearing the illegal migrants. As a welcoming gesture, for the first time, Suu Kyi has asserted that her country would wholeheartedly welcome the minority community members who fled the nation if they choose to return to the country. Myanmar considers the Rohingya Muslims as illegal migrants, so they stick on to their policy that the people belonging to this community are not eligible to claim the country’s citizenship. Recently, the United Nations announced an investigation into the allegations raised against the security forces. As per the report, tens of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fled the country due to the violence allegedly enforced by the security forces and the majority of them sought asylum in Bangladesh.


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No ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, but there are problems: Suu Kyi